Monday, July 27, 2009

First Sleepover!

What a monumental moment... our first sleepover (without the child's parents... we had Brooklyn stay over with us before but her parents were here)! And we had a blast! It was like a built in babysitter... and the parents got to have some fun too!

Neville is 7 years old and he is visiting his father here from the states. Him and his mother have to return to Texas this week so we offered to watch Neville for a night to let Pierce spend some time with him (Pierce loves Neville) and give his parents some alone time. We took Neville to Margarita's on Friday night and then we headed back to our place for some good old fashioned Lego time... in bed at 10pm and swimming the next morning... does it get any better?

Look how dark it is outside and the kids are still up... what fun!

While Pierce and Neville were playing I must have left the camera in his room... well he found it and busted his parents... we were in the living room having some alone time and here comes little PD with the camera... BUSTED!
Close to the finished product... a helicopter... "Boys we will have to finish this in the morning... lets go take a bath" ... that was me talking!!!!
Bath time... look at that face...

Story time and off to bed.... they both slept like a rock and woke around 9am in the morning... after breakfast we headed to the pool.

Neville brought his a treat... he knows the way to Pierce's heart.

OH what fun we had on our first sleepover... this was Friday night and we had so much fun we did it again with another friend on Saturday night... Violet... so stay tuned for more weekend fun.


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

so fun, I heart legos! that pool looks amazing!

Corrie said...

Looks like fun! That is too cute about Pierce taking your picture while you guys were snuggling up. Something sort of similar happened over here and it was hilarious. That picture of you two is priceless!

Renee Westcott said...

What fun. Neville must be a really sweet boy to play with Peirce so much. It's nice that Pierce caught you two being cute...what a great example to him!

Jones Family said...

How fun!!!!! What a sweet kid, Neville is! Where in Texas do they live? Look at our little PD bird becoming the paparazi! LOL!!!!


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