Thursday, July 9, 2009

We were MIA... but now catching up with friends.

When Great Mama and my parents were here we were MIA to our friends here in SINGAPORE... so since we had some time this week we were able to catch up with many of them... it is such a blessing to have these friends here in Singapore... Pierce really is at the age where he loves having buddies and girls all around him and enjoys every minute. If people come to our house he is now throwing the biggest fit when people leave... he hates to see them go... just like his mom.

Tuesday Pierce went to school and I went to one of the MOPS summer fun playgroups to catch up with some of my ladies... and see their precious babies.

Tuesday night we meet up with some MOPS friends and their husbands for some good old Texas cooking at Chili's... OH how we love some Chili's.

Pierce and Violet.


This was after the kiss... do you think he was excited.

Why is it I am always saying "cheese" in all my pics with kids????
Today (Thursday) we got to hang out with Levi, Jennifer his mom took their oldest child to look at schools and had a great time hanging with Levi... Pierce is still asking me where Levi is...

Breakfast... a bowl of cereal for everyone.

A little pudding snack later... and Pierce put this house together all by himself with the Deigo Lego's... wow.

When I went to cook lunch it got very quiet in Pierce's room which usually means trouble so i went to spy on them and of course took the camera... but this is what I found... I told Jennifer when she came to pick up Levi that we could keep Levi... it was really nice to have him around this morning it gave Pierce and playing buddy.... they were best buds.
It is only Thursday and we have more people to catch up with so stay tuned...


Melanie said...

So sad I missed it :-( Looks like fun and I guerss Pierce has a girlfriend!!!

Jordan said...

I'm starting a MOPS group in the fall and I hope I make as good of friends as you have! Pierce is getting so big!

Suzanne said...

I think Pierce and Shelby would make great friends! She loves boys! :) We'd have to watch out for the kissing!!


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