Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kite Flying with Grandad and ViVi!

One the last day, Grandad and ViVi gave Pierce one more present before they left... it was is very first kite and we of course had to run to the nearest field and play with it.

Pierce loved it... it was so sunny that he had a hard time following it with his eyes (and mom of course forgot a hat for him... oppps) but he was smiling the whole time.

He did not know if he was to run towards to the kite or away from it... so confusing.

There is not much land like this in Singapore but we are blessed to have this soccer field right down the street from us... the condo you see in the back ground is our condo.

We had to play in the nets.... Dad and I need to take him out there with a ball... I think it is time.. we do have a great story for you aggies... Last Sunday we were riding the car on the way to church and Pierce saw some kids playing soccer... I noticed that he was looking at them and asked him if he wanted to play soccer some day... and he said "No I want to play gig'em aggie football"... we were very proud... Gigem Aggies!


Before we left Grandad had to see how high he could get the kite... he is a kid at heart...we just adore him. Thank you ViVi and Grandad for a great afternoon at the park with our first kite.

Kite Flying Video... wow how he makes it look so simple.


The Robinsons said...

You can tell he had a blast! Kite flying is such a fun way to play outside and bond. We're big fans.

Shelly said...

Who knew there was enough wind in Singapore to fly a kite! The climate looks quite pleasant from the pics!

Grantham said...

Looks like you need a bat, glove and some balls. :-)


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