Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aggie Football Shoes!

Last Sunday when we were on our way to see the new Ice Age Movie Pierce had to wear his dinosaur shirt. Well we do not have a dinosaur shirt but this lizard and frog shirt was close enough for him. When I asked him what shoes he wanted to wear he said his "Aggie Football Shoes" (aka. the maroon crocs with the ATM logo). He was so proud of himself (and we were too) that we were all happy to snap a pic... he is so proud of himself...

A while back I blogged about how when I asked Pierce if he wanted to play soccer when he grew up he said "no I want to play Gig'em Aggie Football"... Blake and I were so proud of what he said we celebrated the moment... we made such a big deal out it that now we get alot of Aggie Football ________ (fill in the blank). For example if he sees a maroon shirt, he will say Aggie Football shirt, if we see a maroon sticker, he will say Aggie Football sticker (even if it is Barney)... you get the idea... the kid already loves Aggie Football... I guess going to the Alamo Bowl when I was 8 months pregnant worked... yeah Aggie Football.

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Jordan said...

yeah yeah, while you're away you can brainwash Pierce all you want, but when that kid gets back to Texas he'll see/hear/realize who's really good at football and he'll be singin' a different tune! I think it goes a little something like this... The eyes of Texas are upon you... :)

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Sadly he would probably qualify to be on the team now. Wouldn't you rather him cheer for a winning football team? (sorry I couldn't help make was just too easy). Go Buckeyes!


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