Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July in Singapore!

What a 4th we had this year... a friend on the blog here in Singapore (never meet her before) sent me a link to this American Association party that was taking place with lots of food, music, games for the kids and fireworks... we had to check it out (Thanks Leone!)... and boy was it fun.

Thanks to ViVi and Grandad we were all suited up in our American flag memorabilia, sunglasses, and glow in the dark bracelets. The party was all the way in the north of the island so we took a cab.... Pierce was so excited to see Fireworks.

After our 4th celebration I was sitting on a bus and found myself thinking about our celebration this weekend and wanted to share my thoughts with you:
As we just finished celebrating the 4th of July, which started in 1776 when some of our founding fathers casted a vote to gain our INDEPENDENCE from The Kingdom of Great Britain. 5 men stood up for America and now we are able to celebrate our Independence with fireworks, hot dogs, face painting, laughter, cotton candy and more on the 4th of July. Here in Singapore there was a huge turnout for the American Association Party in the Woodlands area, I was shocked to see how many people gathered here to celebrate our homeland. That being said I can not help but to think about how we as Christians have a higher calling a calling to celebrate our Independence from the chains of sin and the wrath that Satan wants for us so badly. When ONE man fought for us and won... we can now celebrate everyday, our Salvation. We are forever FREE in HIM. I pray that you today and for the rest of your days; you will digest what He has for you in His word, you will drink from the fountain of Life and that your light will be so bright to this world that it looks like fireworks.

Can you tell he was so happy to see fireworks... he thinks he is pretty cool in his sunglasses.

When we first got there... Pierce spotted these jumper things all the way in the back and he was off... he is the one trying to get up on the slide...

He made it... even with 100 million kids trampling over him... but he loved every minute of it.

This was his first attempt down... that is when I had my camera... he did this slide about 100 times and each time he got a little more adventurous in his departure down the slide... he watched the older kids and started bouncing down.. there was only one time where we had to get off bc the tears were coming down but he had a shiner (that dad was very proud of) later to prove it.

Then we found the castle bouncy thingy... what do you call these things... there was not a limit of jumpers... a little scary.

We had a great night for many reasons but one of the biggest is that we got to spend it with friends... I knew Justin and Jennifer in college and they just got Singapore a month ago and we are so glad they are here.

And Violet and her parents joined us for the fun... Violet is smaller than Pierce but she is just as brave... love it.

Then after play time, food.... then came the fireworks... Pierce was not scared at all... we had such good seats (by chance) that we had to look straight up to see the fireworks... they were right above our heads... we were even hit with shrapnel a couple of times.

What a great night....

Gillian and Violet... baby #2 on the way.

Here we are in our cool sunglasses. Pierce was so hot, can you tell?

After the show we thought we should get the babies to bed... Gillian and Jayme gave us a ride home... it was great for Pierce bc they have a DVD in the car that plays Elmo... can you see how dirty these babies are... and how tired?

Check out that Shiner on Pierce's right eye.. Daddy is so proud.
We had fun and if we are still here next year on the 4th... we will be back for more.

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Dave and Lisa said...

What a cool post! Sounds like a wonderful time. And I am really glad you and Jennifer are hanging out - wish I could visit and join the fun (maybe some day...)! These are GREAT fireworks pictures, too.

Have you heard about this:
I want to do it but can't seem to get it to work for our blog. You have the most awesome blog journal - I can totally see you turning yours into a book (or two or three books)!

Love in Christ,

Leone said...

... am so glad you had a fun time - the photos certainly show that you did.


The Westcott's said...

I'm glad you got to celebrate the USA and reflect on our true FREEDOM in Christ. It is for freedom that Christ set us free. love you sister!

aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

I'm glad you guys got to stay for the fireworks! Maybe next year Caleb will be ready for it...he's just scared of loud noises.

Melanie said...

Wish we could have stayed longer...but you guys look like you had a blast. LOVE the sunglasses!!!


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