Monday, July 20, 2009

Pierce is 2.5... wow where does time go?

Pierce turned 2.5 years old on the 4th of July (yes I am a little late on this post but it has been busy) Here are just a couple of things that I want to remember at this time in his life... and all these pics were taken near his 2.5 year old birthday.

He weighs 17 KG (37.5 lbs)
He is 100 cm (3.2 feet)

Things I want to remember at 2.5:
1) We got 3 new sucker fish to keep the tank clean and I asked Pierce to name them... he said Natasha, Turtle and Fish Name.
2) We saw some kids playing soccer on our way to church one day and he seemed so excited to see them I asked him if he wanted to play soccer someday and he said "No I want to play Gig'em Aggie Football"... we are so proud.
3)His favorite songs to sing are: Jesus Loves Me, the wheels on the bus, baa baa sheep, spider song, Hot Cross Buns.
4) Potty Training success.... so far.
5) He is using more words now than ever... our favorite words to hear are "I love you mommy/daddy", "Jesus loves me", "I'm sorry", "play with the boys", "miss you", "Amen".
6) Pierce either wants to be a Gig'em Aggie Football player or a bus driver... both are very fascinating to him.
7) He really likes to go to school and play with his friends... he calls preschool Dinosaur school (bc their mascot is a dinosaur) and he calls the playgroup at the gym 'Cheri Hearts where he gets sushi".
8) His favorite things to eat are sushi and chicken satay... I think he was meant to be Asian.
9) He loves both his mommy and daddy very much but he really loves his mama... has become a BIGGGG mama's boy.
10) Does not know his ABC's yet but he knows the rhythm of the song and makes up his own letters to go along with it... so cute.
11) Can count 1-5, knows that we live in Singapore on the 10th floor... so cute.
12) Favorite thing to wear is his turtle/lizard shirt that Great Mama gave him.
13) Pierce is a big negotiator for the 5min... If we say it is time to take a bath he says 5 minutes... if we say it is time for bed he says 5 mins.... if he wants to get down from the table he says 5 mins... you get the picture... loves the 5 min rule.
14) His Girlfriends name is Violet and the friend (that is a boy) that he mentions the most is August and Levi.
15) He loves to take walks after dinner... and go outside... and I love to get him tired before bed.
16) Quiet Times... we still have a difficult time with getting Pierce to take an afternoon nap but I have always heard that even if they don't sleep that all children need a time away from parents to take a quiet time... so we enforce that in our house... Pierce usually cries to go take a quiet time and sometimes he will play for an 1.5 and sometimes he will sleep (see below)... but he is always happy after his quiet time... I have started to set a timer for 5 min. before we take our quiet time and that seems to be working like a charm... and if he takes a quiet time without crying he gets a sticker on his reward chart when he wakes up... he loves this...
Funny story... Right around 2.5 years old Pierce was having trouble with quiet time... he did not want to take a quiet time and then he refused to sleep... in hopes to get him use to a quiet time I would put him in his bed and let him play... this is good for Pierce and mommy... there were several occasions when I went to get Pierce an hour later or so I found him and his room like this... almost naked (you can see his diaper is about to fall off and he had on clothes when I put him in there), his bed is destroyed and he is all smiles... not sleeping for him but his quiet time was good for him after all... Just love this little booger.

How does he get his mattress out... wow... so proud of his mess?


Jordan said...

What!! he gets his mattress ou ttoo!!!??? Oh my! What a fun age he's at!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

yeah, how does he get the mattress out? He must be combining quiet time with work-out time. I play the 5 minute game with Kris, in the morning when it's time to get up...5 more minutes (which usually ends up being more like 15 - I hate mornings)...anyways...Happy 2.5 Pierce!!!

The Westcott's said...

What a little stinker! I wonder what imaginative game he was playing when he got the mattress out?!

Anonymous said...

I love the dinosaur school and that he eats sushi! He will have so much to teach Caleb when he gets back to America! I love you and miss you!


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