Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visit with GM and GP!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us in Houston this weekend.... it was so good to see them. We love you GM and GP.

Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith got Pierce this cute "church" outfit... I just love him in pants and sweater vest... he looks so big and grown up. Thank you Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith.

Pierce after church... tired, watching a movie and holding his Grandma's hand.
Lunch time... since he was such a good boy at church... just walked right into the nursery and before he entered the door he turned around and handed me his toy he was holding unprompted and went and played with all the children (no crying)...we let him eat lunch in the play room and watch a movie before nap time. We are always so amazed at how big he has gotten (so grown up).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing with Grace!

My handsome Pierce... oh how I love him.

"Come on Grace"

Best friends... or Best Cousins!

Pierce loves to walk Grace on her leash.


There were alot of Caucasian children at the park but Pierce wanted to play with the Asian kids... I love it.... so cute.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pierce wants to be a dog!!!

We are here at Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith's getting over Jet Lag; so we have spent alot of time at the house getting rest and eating good. They have a new puppy which you have meet before here on the blog and Pierce is loving her. We even found him inside her cage yesterday. He woke up this morning at 4am asking for Grace and the cage. Here are some pics of Pierce wanting to be a dog. The above shot was him climbing in.
And then he wants the door shut and locked.... don't call CPS on us this is totally voluntary. Look at how happy that boy is.

Even chewing on dog toys... nice.

He stayed in there about 15 minutes going back and forth, back and forth.

With Pierce in the cage that meant that Grace was outside playing with Daddy... once Pierce realized how much attention Grace was getting from Daddy, Pierce wanted out to get some play time with Daddy.

Then Pierce wanted Daddy to come and join him in the cage.

Here is Pierce's cousin Grace... she is so cute and so sweet with Pierce.

Finally getting out of the cage with "scout" in tow.
Pierce is doing really well, he did not sleep well last night but took a good nap today and has been a really sweet boy. Lots of up time running around and loving on Grace and lots of down time with movies and hanging with daddy and mama... we are doing good.

Moscow, Russia!

These pics are from our lay over in Moscow, Russia. There was snow on the ground and Pierce could not get enough of all the planes.

We are so glad we are home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We are home in Texas!

We made safe and sound... and thanks for the prayers we had a great trip. Our flight to Moscow, Russia was 11 hours and started out a little rocky with Pierce having to wake up at 11:30pm to head to the airport. He was not to happy to sit in his chair at the beginning of the flight, we were stuck in the last row of the plane, there were people in front of us (they said the row in front of us was empty), the plane was packed and everyone was ready to sleep... except for Pierce. 5 hours into the flight Pierce finally fell asleep (no drugs) for 3 hours. We arrived in Russia during the day and it was snowing... the first snow that Pierce has ever seen... man was it cold... we were wearing pants and flip flops and Pierce was in his pjs with short sleeves and crocks... are we good or what.

Our second leg on Singapore Air left on time (an hour lay over) and we headed to Texas on a 14 hour journey. It was AWESOME. Pierce was AWESOME. The plane only had 70 people on it and we could sit anywhere we liked. We got bulk head seats and had the row behind us to lay down. Pierce slept on and off in 2-3 hour increments, 3 times and when he was a wake he was happy; watching movies, walking the aisles, flirting the airline staff and playing with mommy and daddy.

We are so glad to be here now and headed to bed...we should be on track (time zone wise) tomorrow morning.... we all stayed up to go to be on a normal Texas time. Pierce is such a trooper and we are so proud of him... thanks for all your emails and calls today and most of all the prayers.

See you soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pray for us!

By the time you read this we will be in the air headed towards Moscow, Russia and then Houston, Texas. Please pray for a safe flight, some sleep on the plane, easy time difference adjustment, sleeping pattern when we get home and a continued safe great trip back home.

We know you will pray for us and we appreciate it so much... just knowing that we will have an army of prayer warriors praying makes me feel better already. If you don't know by now I am very anxious about our trip bc our last trip home was not as smooth as I would have liked (lots of tears, lots of behavior changes and no sleep on the plane for Pierce). This time we will have Dad is tow so things hopefully will be better.

Thanks again and see you in Texas!

Pals before Gals! We miss you Shelby!

My dear friend Christina (that now lives in CA) had these shirts made for Pierce and her boy Shelby last year for Pierce's 1st b-day. This year Shelby wore his in honor of Pierce's 2nd b-day... thanks Shelby you are adorable and we miss you so much. You might have to click on the picture to see but it is a picture of Shelby and Pierce when they were babies playing outside with Shelby's daddy, Stacy Jones' old A&M football gear.

We miss you so much and love you dearly... thanks for the sweet picture.

Last Day with Mrs. Lee!

Last Friday we said goodbye to Pierce's teacher Mrs. Lee at the YWCA. She is relocating to another center... Thank you Mrs. Lee for always taking good care of my baby boy. We will miss you and remember you forever.

Goodbye hugs.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More birthday celebrations...

Saturday was awesome... thanks to my husband (for many things but the flowers above were a nice touch) and all my friends here in Singapore. The family had a low key day and afternoon but Saturday night was the big "Camille is 21" party.

We started off the night at a Japanese Restaurant in Chijmes (sushi for my birthday is a tradition of ours) and it was ummm so good.

Then we headed to Le Baroque, my favorite bar here in Singapore (you have seen lots of pics and video's before). More friends meet up with us later but here are the girls that started the night young with us. We are holding up a "2" and "1" for "21"... it was the joke of the night...

My handsome prince... oh how I love him!

There are 2 bands here and this one that I am on stage with (bc they are singing me Happy Birthday) are "True Colors"...the lead singer reminds me of an Asian Tina Turner... she rocks and can sing a mean Tina Turner song.

Here they are after one set... the male lead singer always wears this hat every time I have been there and he gave it to me last night... I should have gotten it signed... he will be famous one day.
Can't wait for my 22nd birthday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

No pictures today!

Tonight is the big birthday night so I am headed to take a nap to get ready... so today's blog is short to just update you on a couple of things:

1) I am now on the 3 day of my 32nd year of life and I had to go the dr... I was dx with pink eye (I have not had pink eye since grade school) and acid reflux. For about a month I have felt like I have had to either burp or throw up constantly... a big lump in my throat that keeps me up at night and uncomfortable during the day... I have medicine now for both and on a bland diet.. we shall see...

2) We leave in 3 days for Texas...please start praying for our safe journey home, some sleep on the plane, and Pierce over all attitude/demeanor when we get home and his sleeping pattern due to the jet lag. Our last visit home was not as smooth as I would have liked so I am looking forward to a better trip home... please pray.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pics from my Chinese New Year Tour!

Here are the pictures I promised... I had such a good time and really should write down everything that I learned but I will just share a couple of the things through the pictures below.

Chinese New Year is similar to that of our Christmas (to Christians). It is a religious calendar festivity that has been commercialized to the extreme. I did learn that the Chinese calendar is the oldest calendar there is currently on its 75 cycle of 60 year duration for each cycle... The Chinese NY will always mean something different than the little blurb on our western calendars to me now.

Some interesting things I learned (according to the Chinese):

1) The colors; black, white and dark blue are signs of death
2) You can burn fake money to get your deceased relatives out of hell
3) Everyone goes to hell and there weighed on goods and bads and you pay and work to get your way out of hell
4) Everyone is reincarnated... and some choose to not eat meat at this time of year bc they might be eating a loved one
5) You can burn fake money, houses, cars, jewelry, etc. to give to your deceased loved ones where ever they are

He is our tour guide nick named "Mrs. Singapore". She was not born here but she was raised here and just a wealth of knowledge about everything... She does tours and works at the university I think doing someone on the Chinese History. Here in the picture above she is explaining to use how you could burn money to give to your deceased ancestors to help them get out of Hell (there is fake airplane tickets, fake train tickets, etc. so they can get out faster). Here she is showing us some fake jewelery made out of paper that you can burn to give your deceased grandmother/mother some new jewelry... she said that you would do this if you got new jewelery so they would not get jealous... I am so glad that my treasures are not created here on earth.

Then we went to a local bakery and got to taste some of the traditional pastries during this time... they were hard at work... but all I kept thinking was "where is their hair net"?
Proudly displayed pastries for us to buy.

More traditional food... some sort of sticky rice thingy... there is a video below showing how they make these.
This street is well knows for it's architecture... pretty cool stories about everything but I can't remember it all. :-)

Random tree growing from the concrete roof... who needs a soil.

We got to see several temples/shrines/goddess'... quite interesting to learn about different religions and what and why they believe the way they do.

Buddha was told to be born under a fig tree and outside the temple above was this fig tree growing out of the concrete so it is considered sacred.

During this time of year they put these fake fire crackers are the entrance of the doors bc in the old days they would make loud noised during the new years to ward off evil spirits... the noise would scare away the enemy... so now they display them as a symbol of keeping the evil spirits away. When I came home noise made from my child had a whole new meaning... I kept saying make more noise maybe the Devil will stay away from our home. :-)

Here is a picture of some really old houses... this door in the back is called a trap door located in the back of the house... before there was a sewage system in this neighborhood this is how they got rid of the human waste. They would set out a bucket outside these trap doors and then a man would come by every other day and empty them... no thank you.

Prostitution is legal here in Singapore and it is said that the Government does not care how you earn your money as long as you pay your taxes... The picture above shows that "6B" is open for business... "6A" is not.

Here is the bath tub in one of the temples.

Here is a picture of one of the many female goddess'... while we were there many women came to worship and talk to her... our tour guide told us that women find it easier to talk to woman god's so that is why they had a temple just for this goddess.

A local free clinic...

Here is a video of someone making a traditional Chinese pastry for the new years... the commentator in the back ground was our tour guide.


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