Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pierce's birthday party at school!

I baked cookies for the students... I heard they were a big hit and here is Pierce feeding the teacher (I left the camera at school so they could take pictures for me).
I think this is where they sung Happy Birthday to Pierce and he gave Mrs. Lee a big air kiss.. so sweet... but why is he standing and everyone is sitting?
Pierce and I made goodie bags for the students full of candy, cars, noise makers, Slinky's and dinosaurs (all Pierce's favorite things). Mrs. Lee had them all sitting down and was about to show them what was inside...

And this is what happened... stampede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pierce making sure everyone gets a goodie bag and enjoys themselves... or he is trying to steal their car... which one do you think?

Ok... everyone is happy but where is Pierce.

Oh... playing with his car away from everyone... probably so no one will take it... HE HE HE

I thought this was a cute picture... what a great birthday... still more parties to go.. stay tuned.

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The Clifton's said...

Too cute to see your little blondie among all the others. What a fun time in ya'lls life!


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