Monday, January 12, 2009

We are still celebrating Pierce's birthday!

Last Sunday we were scheduled to go the Singapore Slingers (pro basketball team here) with 10 other people and then head to Clark Quay Brewerkz for dinner and then some playing afterwards in the fountains. We found out in the morning that the game was cancelled due to the other team from India not making their flight over here so we just went to dinner instead. Alot of our friends (19 in total) came to join us and we had a great time opening presents, eating, singing, laughing and playing in the water.

The above picture is a shot we finally got of Pierce showing his 2 fingers of choice when asked "how old are you"... you can see his lips puckered in a way to show that he was saying "twwwooo".

Here is our table... the best table in the restaurant on the water so we can see all the boats.
No I did not make these, they were made by the Pie Shoppe here in Singapore... so cute and good.
Here is Pierce enjoying his cup cake... a little timid to pick it up.

We had such a good time... thank you friends for coming and celebrating with us. There were so many pictures that we took so see below for the slide show of all the pictures.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday (again) to Pierce at Brewerkz... he has lots of helpers this time.

After dinner we took the kids to the water feature to run around and have a good time... At the beginning there was just one big fountain but you have got to see the last video where they are all on... can you tell if they had fun?

More fun in the fountains.

Wow... look at that... there is so much of me that wanted to jump in and join them... oh to be a kid again.

We are still celebrating Pierce's birthday... stay tuned for more but below are all the pictures we took that wonderful night at Clark Quay with our friends.


Perks said...

Pierce is going to wonder what the deal is one day when his birthday only lasts ONE day! ha! :) He might expect 4 or 5 parties!

Looks like a great time! He's such a cutie!

ashley said...

what a fun time. i wish my b-day lasted a month. he is a cutie.. love the pic with the cupcake and water park thing. sounds like a really fun night.

Thornton family said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to you Camille - I hope you are having a great day (or already did I guess!!) Miss you and can't wait to see you in Ft. Worth as we continue to celebrate Pierce's b-day!

Blake and Kendell said...

Camille, happy birthday!! I hope you have/had a wonderful day! Hope to see pictures :)

I finished the first was really good. You weren't kidding. I started the second one today.


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