Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Celebration at the YWCA!

Pierce's school the YWCA on the W. Coast put on a celebration in honor of 2008 and there was alot of dancing to praise music... I had to share some of the videos and pics. Here are the older kids dancing and Pierce had to join in (he is suppose to be sitting down.... go figure just like his mama... when there is music there must be dancing).

His class did the "CHU CHU Train"... he was in the back close to the teacher.

More dancing with the older kids... here you can see they are doing couple dancing.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing children dancing to praise music... here they are pointing to Jesus.

So cute.

Fellow older students at the YWCA dancing to praise music... you can hear Pierce in the background singing...what a blessing to have the YWCA.

For Pierce's class (the little ones) they did the "CHU CHU TRAIN"... he is so happy and loves the train. I will forever remember this smile.


Cassidy said...

chu chu!!
He looks so happy in every dancing picture you have ever posted of him.

EDENS said...

what a cute program and you are the proud mama so much fun. it is funny to see kids in short sleeves just because it is so clod here.

The Westcott Family said...

I loved hearing Pierce sing along while the big kids danced. I know Lydia praises God now, but I can't wait until I can understand her while she sings to Him.


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