Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pierce wants to be a dog!!!

We are here at Aunt JuJu and Uncle Keith's getting over Jet Lag; so we have spent alot of time at the house getting rest and eating good. They have a new puppy which you have meet before here on the blog and Pierce is loving her. We even found him inside her cage yesterday. He woke up this morning at 4am asking for Grace and the cage. Here are some pics of Pierce wanting to be a dog. The above shot was him climbing in.
And then he wants the door shut and locked.... don't call CPS on us this is totally voluntary. Look at how happy that boy is.

Even chewing on dog toys... nice.

He stayed in there about 15 minutes going back and forth, back and forth.

With Pierce in the cage that meant that Grace was outside playing with Daddy... once Pierce realized how much attention Grace was getting from Daddy, Pierce wanted out to get some play time with Daddy.

Then Pierce wanted Daddy to come and join him in the cage.

Here is Pierce's cousin Grace... she is so cute and so sweet with Pierce.

Finally getting out of the cage with "scout" in tow.
Pierce is doing really well, he did not sleep well last night but took a good nap today and has been a really sweet boy. Lots of up time running around and loving on Grace and lots of down time with movies and hanging with daddy and mama... we are doing good.


Theresa Rushing said...

So happy you guys made it here safely. Not sure how you do what you do. Go girl! Can't wait to see you and get our scrap on!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

This is now my third attempt to comment....Theresa's just posted while I'm trying desperately to get mine through...typing and re-typing...I've got the computer curse, I guess...

Lots of kids like to be in cages, but chewing on a dog toy is taking it to a whole new level. :-) So glad you guys are here and I can't wait to see you! Julie's new dog is adorable! And I love your blog-lift. You are going to be soo proud when you see Avery's new is Black and White Damask (with purple walls).

Rachel Kerbel said...

awesome that your trip went well!! remember, call if you drive through the good 'ol college station!:) rest up, i will pray that pierce adjusts well:)

The Westcott's said...

Pierce the puppy is so cute. Too bad it's not pc to let your kids play in a cage. That would keep them out of trouble a lot easier.

J Katy Garner said...

So glad you guys are here in the good ol' usa safe and sounds... What a LONG LONG trip!!! Kids love small spaces to play in closet's, cage's, laundry baskets... it's so funny!!! Love ya

Blake and Kendell said...

This is cute!! Julie told me about it at dinner.

THANK YOU for the espresso cups! We love cool they are from Singapore! I hope we see y'all soon :)

Cassidy said...

love the picture of Pierce and Blake in the cage. Renee knows I agree with her on the above comment, haha.


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