Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pierce's 2nd Birthday day!

We had a great 4th of Jan... we celebrated all day long. We went to church in the morning came home had peanut butter for the first time, took a nap, went to the pool and then we headed to Margarita's for dinner.

Before dinner Blake and I just sat and watched our big boy playing with his train set... he is so gentle with it and loves it so much.

While we were swimming we asked our neighbors to join us for dinner.... here we are walking to Margarita's.

Here we are at Margarita's for a 2 year birthday bash.

Jane and Martin having their first margarita at Margarita's (the best place to get Margarita's in Singapore).

This is their sweet baby boy August... look at those eyes.

Here are their two very sweet girls, Anna Sophie and Alberta helping Pierce open his present.

He loves his first BMW.... WOW.

Here is our clan at Margarita's.... they wait on us every week and they love Pierce.... they know what he wants to eat and how to make his juice (half water half juice) and they always greet him with a smile but when we told him he turned 2 today they did not believe us they had always thought he was 3 or 4. Thank you ladies for always taking such good care of us.

Those eyes are still so blue and still steal my heart.

When you ask Pierce how old he is, he will say 2 but still holds up that infamous solo pointer finger... we are trying.
"Would you quit taking my picture"
It is party time...

Now it is kung fu time... I think he was ready to go home.

Here Pierce is blowing out his candles... we never taught him this... just another SCARY realization that he is soaking everything in... We are so proud of him.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!


Thornton family said...

Happy Birthday Pierce! We hope to be able to celebrate with you here in Texas at your party! Love you all and miss you!

cassidy said...

So cute. Caroline and I watched the video together, she wants to send him a card:)

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

okay so how did you make that picture?? I finally got the color accent thing down and you pull this on me...haha


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