Thursday, January 15, 2009

HapPY BiRThdAy to ME!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to me!

Boy do I love birthdays, my parents have always made a big deal out of my birthday (which I appreciated very much... part of the spoiled only child thing) and I have learned to carry on the tradition for myself... HE HE HE (poor Blake). I have had a packed couple of days enjoying friends and loved ones. We are still celebrating Pierce's birthday at the same time but us adults are going dancing this Saturday just for me... yipppee I love some dancing.

The best thing about living in Singapore (so far) is that I get two whole days of birthdays... I celebrated here on Wed. in Singapore and on Thursday. on Texas time... yeah... two days of birthday but who I am I kidding... the whole month of Jan. is mine to celebrate my BIRTHDAY... and yes I turned 21 again... no really I am 31 and could never be happier... I love 31... never felt better and still feel young... I love it when I tell people here that I am 31 and they say you look 20 something....then I ask for clarification like 29 or 21... what side of the spectrum... and then I get somewhere between 24-26... I will take it... I love my birthday... enjoy the pics of the birthday day"S"!
On Tuesday my friends Jane (from Denmark) and Heidi (from Holland) went and got our toes done... it was special bc it was my b-day but most of all it was their first time EVER to get a pedicure and I was there to witness it... lets just say I am still getting text messages from these two saying how much they love their toes... we are going back next week they are already addicted.
In honor of my big day we all got flowers... best friends forever.... how can you feel old when you do such childish things... HE HE HE

Then Wed. morning I went on a tour with the AWA to learn more about the Chinese New Years coming up... it was so good and I learned tons of stuff... there will be a whole 'nother blog about this one... so stay tuned!

Then last night Blake and I went to see Cinderella (a theater play) at the Esplanade Theater here in Singapore. When Janet and Hal were here I told Blake that I would really like to see the play but I never mentioned it again... he is so good he remembered and a week later the post man delivered our tickets... not sure if you can tell by the picture but we had box tickets... really good seats and big chairs.

Thank you my Handsome Prince for a wonderful night.

Check out that Theater... it is amazing... if you live in Singapore you should go see the show... a must if you like that sort of thing.
Lastly I want to thank everyone who has emailed, called, sent cards, presents, taken me out, etc. This birthday was special for many reasons but most of all bc of you... thanks for helping me celebrate the completion of 31 years... I look forward to 32.
P.S. I got alot of great gifts and I love them all but I want to shout out some special ones.. Jane and Heidi got me my first orchid plant... thanks a million I just hope I don't kill it and Julie and Keith got me my first recycled beer bottle necklace (I wear it almost everyday (see pedicure pic)) you can see it there in the picture on the books... I love it and have loved telling people what it is... I might be the only girl so proud to wear a beer bottle around her neck :-).
Thanks again to everyone... see you next year!


ashley said...

Happy Birthday girlie.... nothing like a good pedi and some dancin for your birthday. wish i was there you know i love me some dancin too. I hope you have had and will have a wonderful birthday. So the 30s isn't so bad. i am scared. love you guys and miss tons. your dress and purse for the show was really cute.

Corrie said...

It looks like I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday anyway!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Way to go on teaching your Singapore friends about pedicures!

SheridanLeftwich said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great one! Those toes are fAbuLoUs!!!

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

Happy Birthday - I'm glad you're having so much fun for your b-day.

Liz*** said...

Happy Birthday, Camille! So glad you were born!

Perks said...

You are so fun! I'm glad you make the most of your birthday! :) Happy, happy day!

CC said...

Happy Birthday! You need to post a close up picture of this recycled beer bottle necklace. I am sooo curious!


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