Sunday, January 18, 2009

More birthday celebrations...

Saturday was awesome... thanks to my husband (for many things but the flowers above were a nice touch) and all my friends here in Singapore. The family had a low key day and afternoon but Saturday night was the big "Camille is 21" party.

We started off the night at a Japanese Restaurant in Chijmes (sushi for my birthday is a tradition of ours) and it was ummm so good.

Then we headed to Le Baroque, my favorite bar here in Singapore (you have seen lots of pics and video's before). More friends meet up with us later but here are the girls that started the night young with us. We are holding up a "2" and "1" for "21"... it was the joke of the night...

My handsome prince... oh how I love him!

There are 2 bands here and this one that I am on stage with (bc they are singing me Happy Birthday) are "True Colors"...the lead singer reminds me of an Asian Tina Turner... she rocks and can sing a mean Tina Turner song.

Here they are after one set... the male lead singer always wears this hat every time I have been there and he gave it to me last night... I should have gotten it signed... he will be famous one day.
Can't wait for my 22nd birthday!


da momma said...

fun pics, happy 21st!!

The Westcott's said...

Happy Birthday again and again! I wish I were out celebrating with you. Is your eye better? We've done nothing lately (hence no blog updates)...just boring old life. I'm just waiting for Lydia to start walking! Miss you. Birthday kisses and hugs!


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