Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pierce is 2... bitter sweet #2... Happy 2nd Birthday PD Bird!

On the 4th of Jan. at 12:32 pm 2 years ago... our sweet baby boy Pierce took his first breath... we never could of imagined what a blessing he would be to our lives and how much love he would bring. We love him more and more each day but the first time we laid our eyes on him I could not have imagined of loving anything more... and just to think we get to learn knew things every day with him and get to love him more with each one. We love you Pierce Blake Denton more than words... and we thank God for you every day.

Our little boy is and was not so little... he came into this world weighing 9lbs 10 oz. and now he weighs 36.5 lbs at 2. He is above the 100% mark for height and weight and his head circumference is at 95%. He has started to use 3+ word sentences like "Mama I want this", "Chu Chu Train", "Daddy down please". For right now he is a mama's boy, but I know that will change when he can play football with daddy and want to do "boy" things.
Happy Birthday baby!

Here it was the eve before Pierce was born... I wish I could say I was all belly... but 59lbs. later we were scheduled for a c-section due to my water retention and how big he was and was not dropping.

Here is my favorite picture of Pierce in the hospital. We got him all dressed up in the outfit ViVi and Grandad got him and laid him on his blanket and then he winked at us... so cute.

Here is a picture of Pierce on his 1st birthday... I can not believe how fast they grow.

Now for the 2nd Birthday eve celebration:

We are so excited to spend his 2nd birthday in Singapore for many reasons but we sure do miss being around our loved ones back home (like when he was born)... for this reason we are getting to celebrate Pierce's birthday for a whole month (he learned this from his mama). Last night on the eve of his birthday we went to eat German food and see a big movie, Bed Time Stories with Adam Sandler (Pierce sat there the entire 2 hours). Today we went to church and for lunch Pierce had his first peanut butter experience (and he loved it... and no allergies... praise God) and tonight we are going to eat at Margaritas, open presents and have some dessert together as a family. Next Sunday, when all our Singapore friends get back from holiday we are going to the Singapore Slingers (pro basketball league here) game and then to dinner to celebrate with friends. Then on the 31st of Jan. we will be back in the states and have his official birthday party with friends and family in FTW, TX. This family likes to celebrate and we sure do know how to stretch it out... only the best for our PD Bird...

The assistant Manager (that always takes care of Pierce) at the German Restaurant brought Pierce his first bubbly... apple cider with bubbles in his first Paulaner glass.
We decided to all celebrate with a Paulaner... Pierce's on the left, mine in the center and daddy's on the right... like you could not have figured that one out for your self????? HE HE HE
Then we headed to the "big movie"... Pierce was so excited they were running.

"Wow... do we get to see all of these movies?"

Some random information we want to remember when we look upon his 2nd birthday:

New words for the past couple of months are:
Big Movie - referring to a movie theater movie
Chu Chu Train
Cars, Trucks, Aeroplane
I want this
Duck Duck (for a single duck)
Sawatdee Khrab - Hello in Thai (his first word in another language)
Go outside
And to tell things Bye Bye when we leave... like movies, people, condo, taxi driver, etc.
Favorite things:
Doggie (the dog we use to call Scout)
Walt Disney and Pixar movies
He can run
No more pacifier
Jump into the pool (from a 4 ft. platform)
Stack blocks
Do wood puzzles
Fly like an airplane
Can count 1-3, 5, 9,10
Sings Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC's (some what), and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Can refer to friends at school by their name
Closes his eyes and folds his hands during prayer


da momma said...

happy delivery day to you and bday to Pierce!! Time flies and what an amazing life Pierce has had so far! Expierenced so much! God has blessed yall and you are doing a great job!

The Westcott Family said...

Happy Birthday big boy! I love how much of him you captured in the pictures and stories! He sure sounds like a fun wonder you have so much to blog about.

Jacquie Von Hohn said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Pierce...I like the pic of him drinking his "beer" funny!

EDENS said...

Happy birthday Pierce. What a good birthday month you have planned. What a great mom.
Miss you guys.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! I think 2 is me it really marks the difference in baby and big kid. We'll be doing this next month...sad how fast it goes. Hope you guys have a wonderful month of celebration!

Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday to the big 2 year old!!!! It looks like the celebration (and those to come) were full of FUN!

Blake and Kendell said...

Happy birthday Pierce!!

Dave and Lisa said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday, Pierce! I kept thinking maybe our little guy could share his birthday, but it's not looking like it yet, although I am so ready to have this baby! I really liked the delivery and belly pics since that's the stage I'm in - you looked totally gorgeous then and still do! God bless you guys as He continues to lead you on this wonderful adventure of parenthood. :-)

J Katy Garner said...

AWWW! Happy Birthday Pierce : ) What a great recap! He is partying like a rockstar.

Perks said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday, Pierce! What a blessed little boy you are!

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Pierce! What a cutie! Time goes by fast, doesn't it?


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