Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve at Bellini Grande!

New Years Eve was a blast... I could not have thought of a more perfect night... Thank you Geoffrey and Rita for inviting us to dinner and the party afterwards at Bellini Grande... we owe you one... we will have to do it in America next year. Here we are having dinner at a new Thai restaurant (Left to Right: Blake, Me, Allen, Victor, Geoffrey and Rita).

After dinner we got in this cab and headed to Bellini Grand... check out this cab... very festive, even had lights stapled to the seats... NICE!

We were greeted at the Bellini Grande with hats and noise makers for the new year... and once we got inside this is what it looked like... so awesome... each balloon was anchored with these glow in the dark bracelets... great idea and looks very festive.

The famous Bellini Grande dancers... they were awesome.

Here are the mask and hats... I could not get Blake to wear his... go figure.

Here was our whole gang... Dale and Joy joined us for the party... Joy was my dancing partner all night.

Happy New Year... There was some kissing on the lips taking place but this was the PG version.

Check out all these people... and this was taken around 2am... not sure when the party stopped but we left a little before 3am. Happy New Year from Singapore!


Perks said...

3a.m.? You guys are so young! :) I was up at 3 a.m. but nursing. ha!

The Westcott Family said...

Happy New Year. We went to bed at 10 after playing a few hours of video games. Earlier in the evening we ate pizza with Matt and Angie Foster while our little ones played together. Your night sounds more exciting, but I got a full night's sleep!


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