Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

If you are reading this now in the USA it is still New Years eve.... We celebrated New Years 10 hours ago... after 5 hours of asleep my son woke us up ready to go... we are now having a lazy morning watching movies... we had so much fun last night and I can not wait to share the pics with you.

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to share this New Years poem with you:

“We do not wish you joy without sorrow
Nor endless day without the healing dark,
Nor brilliant sun without the restful shadow,
Nor tides that never turn against your bark.
We wish you love, and strength, and faith, and wisdom,
Goods, gold enough to help some needy one,
We wish you songs, but also blessed silence,
And God's sweet peace when every day is done.”
(Dorothy Neil McDonald)

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