Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last day with GM and GP.

Although all of this happened back in Aug/Sept of this year... it feels like eternity since we said goodbye to GM and GP.  We miss them and everyone else in our family every day (especially since the Holidays are here).  We had a great time with them visiting us for the first time here in Ulsan and look forward to many more memories here or there.

Pierce took this picture of me and daddy walking in the temple... I love it.
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Headed to Seoul with GM and GP.

GM and GP were leaving S. Korea through Seoul so we decided to go a few days early and make a weekend of it.  So here we are headed to Seoul, excited to go see a new city but sad that it was so close to saying goodbye again.

The train ride up from Ulsan to Seoul is about 2.5 hours.

The boys were both excited to be off the train and in a hotel room.

Blake and I love going to this Italian restaurant in Seoul... really good food and a great atmosphere.

And you know we had to go to some museums while we were there... 

Getting ready for bed... some fun in the tub.
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Still having fun...

Still having fun...

Korean Dinner with Hannah and Kevin.. so so yummy.

GM loved this... our Monday recycle day.  When we all have to go downstairs with our stuff and sort it into the appropriate bag.  Here is Pierce all done with his bag.

A normal stop at Costco.. GM and GP love Costco at home and this was the same but different.

One day for lunch at a buffet this was Pierce's selection... wow.

GM and GP even got to be there for the first day of school... Pierce was so excited to have an entourage.

GP and Asher hanging out at SB.  
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More fun and tours...


Our church family... Bloom where you are planted.

So excited that GM and Gp were here for the once a month tours of the Hyundai Shipyard and the Hyundai Motor Company.  A great time again learning and seeing what all Ulsan has to offer.
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