Sunday, December 22, 2013

The fun continues... this was an exciting day!

The next day daddy was off to work and the rest of us had a day planned of sightseeing.  First stop was a near by temple.  We could have walked to the place but we decided to drive (wish we would have walked... you will find out later).

Here are some pics of our little time at the temple.

When I parked the car at the temple we were on a slight incline and later I will have learned that I must not have put the car in park.  To make a very long (and dramatic) story short.  We parked the car got everyone out the car and even got the stroller out the back of the car.  Did about a 15 min tour of a temple and as we headed back to the car Pierce was in the lead.  Out of his better judgement he decided to get in the front seat of the car and with a little motion of the car (and not sure what really happened) before my eyes I watch the car start to roll backwards into a 4 lane street (that is quite busy... called by the locals the upper road).  Grandpa had the baby and was trapped by the backseat door as he was trying to put the baby in his seat. Pierce's drivers seat door is wide open and he is not wearing a seat belt.  Grandpa tries to stop the car, Grandma tries to start the car.  I take the baby from GP and we all roll out of the way expect for Pierce.  The stroller was in the back of the car and it was being squashed as I shout out the name of Jesus for protection (the first thing that came to mind... thank you God).  Then we adults stand there (sort of) and watch Pierce roll across perpendicularly the 4 lane, rolls over a curb and then hits a tree, which brings him to a stop.  I run across the street with the baby on my hip looking for other cars to make sure everyone has stopped.  And they had thanks to a man (and angel from God) that had seen what was going on and placed himself between our car and the on coming traffic.  He ran to our aid and asked if we were ok... I said yes and he pointed me in the direction I should park the car and then he disappeared.  We all got back in the car and went back home and waited for someone to come get the car to fix it.  This story could have gone a 100 different ways and could have been really really bad.  I am so thankful that we were all safe (including the strangers on the road).  God truly blessed us this day and kept us all safe.  I am thankful for his angels.

This is all that happened... when we bit the tree.

After some tears of thankfulness and some stern talks about "why we don't get into the front seat of the car"... the boys were back at it... being all cute and all.

So thankful that he is at home safe and sound.

We decided to stay in the rest of the day and enjoy some family time.  The sun started to go down and we could get a little glimpse of daddy's boat all lit up.  Isn't she pretty?

Just some cute pics of Asher looking at his brother... They sure do love each other.
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