Saturday, December 7, 2013

A closer look.. First days with GM and GP.

Our first days with GM and GP consisted of a bunch of photos and I will do my best to keep them to a minimum but I don't want to miss and good ones (for all those that want pics of every minute... you know who you are :-) and we love you for it).

Daddy and Mommy had got to go Busan overnight bc of Daddy's work (boat #2 is complete) and we got all dressed up.  GM and GP were in charge of the boys.

They look pretty happy without us... they were in good hands.  We sure do miss being far from family and getting opportunities like this.  Sure does make going on dates or work functions a lot easier knowing you leave your children that love them just as much as you do.

Grandpa was teaching Pierce how to make a bird feeder.  They got this kit for Pierce a year ago and Pierce wanted to save these projects for when Grandpa came in town.  They made a train, plane, bird feeder and bank.

There are always some presents to open... one happy boy.

We went for a family hike to show them a good view of Ilsan beach.

There she is... Ilsan Beach.

We got off the path and went on an adventure... we were looking for jelly fish.  I had heard that it was jelly fish season and that they were really big but unfortunately we could not find any on the hike.

We found an exercise park and could not pass up the opportunity to hula hoop... GM is good.

After the hike we headed to the beach for some food and just get our feet in the sand... As we were walking along the beach look what we found... it was huge (2-3 feet in diameter).  I would not want to be swimming with this thing in the water... how about you?

We got a great seat at the restaurant (we were the only ones there)... a wonderful time.

My boys... my heart is so full.

Once our tummies were full we headed back to the house and GP captured some great pics of our view (that is Ilsan Beach in the top left hand corner)

The shipyard in the distance.

South Korea is noted as the second largest Christian Country in the world... you can see a sea of crosses from our window.  I love that in any direction I look from our windows I can see The Cross.

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I may reference your blog address on my blog. We had such a great time.


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