Monday, December 9, 2013

Grand Park with GM and GP.

Grand Park in Ulsan is one of our favorite places for many reasons but the best is you can find something for everyone... So off we went and boy did we have fun.

I love this pic of Asher... like he is pushing himself in this stroller... so happy to be with his people outside.

We found a bug/insect museum that we had never been to and we spent awhile checking out all the various butterflies and remembering Sara May.

We also stumbled onto an area where you could pick up and pet rhino beetles.. Pierce was eager to get inside but not so eager to pick them up.

GM got this action shot of Pierce when he finally got a hold of one... he was not excited at all.  However he loves the thought of having one so he asked if Santa could bring him one this year... maybe two so it would not get lonely.

One of our favorites... the roller slides and on this day we were the only ones in the park... there was not another single soul at this playground which is really weird.  Since there were no other children we adults got to take a turn (something I have always wanted to do).  It looks a lot more fun than it actually is... really does a number on the bottom.

Rub it out GM and go again... what a great GM.

Reflexology path... man those hurt.

And finally the war memorial.

Another great day with family in the sun... wonder what the next day holds.
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