Friday, December 6, 2013

GM and GP come back with us to Ulsan!

Our time in Texas was and is always way to short but this time we were very excited to return home to Ulsan bc GM and GP were coming back with us.  What a special treat and it really gave us something to look forward to.  It is never easy to say goodbye to friends and loved ones and although we love our new friends and family in Ulsan it sure was nice to bring a little something back from texas that we can call our own.

GM and GP took a different flight and actually landed before we did... so not only did we know they were coming back with us but they were at the house waiting for us our return.  They turned on the aircons, the lights and more and waited patiently.  We were all excited but bc we got in so late we hugged and said how happy we were and off to bed we went (it was a little crazier than that bc of all the stuff we needed to get the boys to bed that were still packed up) but it was awesome to have them here.

The next few pics are from GM/GP's camera (trust me more are coming next).  Enjoy a little preview of our time together.

Pierce loves his GM... she makes him laugh and plays lots of games with him.  She knows the way to his heart. Even when he cheats are acts cheeky she still smiles and hugs him and says "you know I love you".  What a good GM.

There were many times where either the jet lag was hitting in and/or the house was getting to small for the loot of us... so we would send Pierce down to lego school.  He loves this place and it is good for him to get his brain working and hands moving.  GP went and picked him up a couple of times and took some shots of Pierce's master pieces.  

GP even got a one on one tour of daddy's boat... sorry this is the only pic I can show you.  The boys came back tired from all the stairs and it was hot.

GM got lots of cuddles with her boys.

We even stumbled upon a bug museum... how much better could it get... wow.

I was busted... eating on the job...

There's daddy's boat... picture taken from our window.

More cuddle time with GM... reading in her bed oh boy. 

One night we decided to tuck the boys in bed and head out just the adults.  Our sweet friends Hanna and Kevin took us to a very good Korean restaurant.  Sorry don't remember the name but it is a slaughter house that has a restaurant next door.  Now thats some fresh meat and oh boy is it yummy.  First you got pick out your meat and carry it to your table and then you cook it the way you like.  Kevin is the expert so we let him cook at our table and Blake was the cooker at the other.  Fun Fun and yummy good food.

Our room with all the sides and great view.

After a week time we headed up to Seoul for a few days before GM and GP went home to Texas.  Another great trip and another reason why I love Korea... Seoul is amazing.  Here are the boys cuddling on the couch in the hotel.

Another great trip with GM and GP... we are truly blessed that they can come see us so far away and we never take that for granted.  We truly are blessed by our family (all of them) and each one makes us feel special in their own way.  Thank you GM and GP for loving on us in this way.
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WE had the best time, but next time I get to select the pictures of me.
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