Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting ready for school...

School at ICS started again a couple of weeks ago (and yes I am behind on sharing with you the first day).  Here are some photos of Pierce all ready for his 1st day of school... I wanted to take him to school (so no bus this week) so here we are waiting in our lobby for the taxi.  Pierce had a grand ole time cheesing it up for the camera... You think he is happy for school to start back?

We started as a 4 year old school boy and finished as a pirate... we are so proud of this little ham...he looks all grown up.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drawing from YouTube!

Pierce loves the computer, loves drawing, loves anything military and loves being in Tita's room (I think bc it is so small and cozy)... so put those all together and you get... drawing military stuff from YouTube in Tita's Room.

Get a piece of paper and a pencil, go to YouTube and type Military drawings, and off you go.  Pierce will push play and then pause... he will then draw what they did and then push play and then pause and catch up... and on and on and on... he would do this for hours if I let him...

Here are some pics of our little artist.

First finished product... a British Spitfire.

A Military Helicopter and a Military Truck.

Here are some pics of the tanks that he had fun drawing... the one that is turned on its side I finished the wheels bc Pierce was getting frustrated... but he did everything else... oh yeah I did the shading too... but the other two tanks Pierce did 100%.

We have to go to YouTube at least once a day and draw something... we have learned this is Pierce's release... he comes home from school and just wants to draw... if we go out to dinner and he gets restless we give him a crayon and paper and off he goes...

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Dim Sum and more Goodbye's...

Who does not like Dim Sum... if you are hungry and near a Dim Sum Restaurant you have got to stop and eat... yummy.  A group of us took Vicki Peltier their to say goodbye.  She left Singapore about a month ago and is now back in Texas.  I meet Vicki while we were in Texas last year scouting out schools (that is when we thought we were moving back).  She worked in one of the admin offices and she told me she was moving to Singapore... and that just made my day.  I told her I would hook her up with where to shop, eat, live, go to church and more... and we were instant friends.  She came here prego with twins and had her baby girls here in Singapore stayed a year and is now gone... the life of an expat... always changing with a lot of goodbye's.  I miss you Vicki...

Here is a photo of the pecking duck we ordered... yummy.

Look at all that food.. yummy.

This is our cooking class regulars... we have had fun cooking and eating together...

Singapore will never be the same without your sweet spirit and "can do" spirit... until we meet again...

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

For Sale...

One day this month I came home to a garage flat sale put on by Pierce and Tita.  Now a love for Garage Sales runs deep in our family (starting with ViVi and Grandad) and Pierce has only experienced the real deal when he was a baby back in Texas... but I guess it stuck with him.

Not sure if you can see it but there is a sign that says... Welcome to Pierce's shop... and Pierce in the background ready for the first customer...and don't forget the arrows on the floor...

Items for sale... each labeled with a price.

I just don't understand how Buzz could be $20 and my antique stool could be $2... who did the pricing?

Even the library books were on sale but if sold they would not cover the late fees.

One happy owner for the shop... with his crazy hair and all...

On the workbench is the fake money I was allowed to borrow just in case I did not have any... HE HE HE

And here is the check out... I think I bought everything...

Another fun day inside...

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Armies from ViVi and Grandad!

Our whole family knows just how much Pierce loves is obsessed with anything ARMY, NAVY or AIR FORCE.  This summer we spent a lot time going to museums, reading books at WW2, watching shows about jet and tank fights, and watching all the Military men around Singapore.  He talks about WW2, the good guys or the bad guys, which flag is which, armies, camouflage and anything military all day long.  It is so bad that his teacher has said that he can continue to draw tanks and jets at school for one more month after that he needs to draw something different :-).  As I am writing this he has been in his room for one hour coloring jets.

ViVi and Grandad sent a care package last month with some goodies inside... Pierce is obsessed.

There were these military dolls and tons and tons of army jets, tanks and more... He is still playing dress up with these dolls and having his own WW2 in his bedroom with all the jets.

He was so happy that he came to me a couple days later and asked to take pics for ViVi and Grandad to show them his toys to say THANK YOU... so thank you ViVi and Grandad you are the best.

Armies are so cool...

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