Friday, August 12, 2011

We are finally here... Maldives you are so Beautiful.

We finally made it... Maldives you are so beautiful. We flew in at night (I know a huge party foul) but here is a picture of the Male International Airport (which is not on the island Male but a 5 min. boat ride away). After we landed we were greeted by our Hotel's Driver and he asked us to wait for some other passangers before we boarded the boat to the Hotel. As I was doing my research for this vacation I learned that the Maldives is 100% Muslim and especially on the main land (the capital Male) all women should cover their sholders and knees. So here we are and I covered in a shaw and leggings (when there is no air con as we wait outside). I can already tell it is going to be a great trip... I have been getting alot of request for pictures so here you go... hope to keep it up maybe I can chat with you on blogger every morning before Breakfast.

The first picture is of the Airport... as we were landing you could see the waves crashing again the beach that was just so close (and calling our names).
Here I am waiting for our boat and other passangers (all wrapped up) and enjoying my book (thanks for the recommendation Valerie and Monica)
As we left the airport we saw the next picture... there were no street and taxis... only boats waiting for us... NICE.

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Here is Blake ready to board our boat... it is like midnight our time but we can still see how clear the water is... yeah.

A sweet couple that sat in front of us from China took this picture... our ride over to Male on a boat.. and we were the only ones not given life jackets Blake said it was bc we looked like we could swim. :-)

Here is a Male... 5 min later and we were there.  The next picture is our hotel and the Lobby that awaited us...

And here is our room...

And Blake is ready for me to get off the computer so we can go do this... eat breakfast here.

And this swim at this pool.

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Karen Wingfield said...

Hoping you both have a great time! By the way, pictures and posts can wait until next week or the next..haha! Enjoy your time together! :)

Denton Family said...

What are you thinking...This is a vacay for you and Blake, but we so appreciate the beautiful pictures.
Thank you

Jordan said...

ummmm.... awesome!

Jones Family said...

How did I miss all these pics! I kept wondering when you were going to blog your trip, then there was a reference on your art girls night and I thought...WHA!


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