Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1 at the beach...

What else is there to do in Maldives... but go to the beach :-)... we put our bags in the bungalow, grabbed our suits and towels and hit the beach... breathtaking...

This was one side of the island... it was totally vacant... where is everyone??? They said the hotel was 100% occupied... but we saw like 20 people the entire weekend...

There were several times throughout the day where either Blake or I would say "Pierce would love this... oh I miss him"... and this was one of those moments... there were hermit crabs everywhere and he would have had a blast catching them.

We got a little bored at the deserted beautiful beach so we headed to the bar... now that is one hot hunk of a man... love you babe.

After our drink we decided to go for a walk to see how big this island was... here is a good picture of our walk way to the other end of the island.

More Bungalows...

And then we got to the Ocean Villas, that were very secluded... on the back side of island and they had their own pool but they were not over the water.

I took the next picture for Aunt JuJu bc she loves plants.. I loved this foliage... and filler... wonder what it is called... it was green on one side and purple on the other... beautiful.

That is day one at the beach.. stay tuned we have 2 more days to go...wonder what we will do?

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