Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Battle Box...

A great morning at the Battle Box in Singapore which is a hidden treasure from WW2.  The British Army created this underground haven sweat box during WW2 and when they surrendered to Japan, the Japanese took over.  After the war ended the Japanese moved out and no one ever returned to the Battle Box.  It was founded again in the 1980's and they revamped it to make it a museum full of wax figures that move and tons of displays of what happened down there.

We got there early before they opened so we decided to have our lunch first in Fort Canning Park.

Pierce had a marshmallow Turkey Sandwich... one happy kid.

On our way to Battle Box we found some underground tunnels... we had to go check them out... they were pretty cool but the mossies thinks so too.

I just love this next picture... it really captured Pierce curiosity of it all... he was so into all of this and so happy to be there... unfortunately I did not bring my big camera... I only have my phone.

When I was editing the pics. Pierce said he wanted to them to look like the ones in the battle box... I asked him what that meant and he said OLD.... so here you go.

In addition to the cool museum there were a lot of young military schools doing drills everywhere... we got to take lots of pics of them and check them out for a while.

I never thought he would be so into this... but man you put those headphones on him and he listened like a hawk... he would look at me every now to make sure I was paying attention.  The tour was an hour and half and he could have stayed all day.  He is really into wars especially WW2.

Here are some pics of the generals wax figure...

Pierce really liked this room... where they were plotting the air attacks.

A super day for sure... if you are in Singapore and you have a 4 year old boy that thinks every man or woman in uniform is a hero (which I believe as well) then you have got to check this out.

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Denton Family said...

Pierce looks so grown in these pictures. I guess that's what happens when you get to be a big boy.

Jones Family said...

And over here in 1889.....hehehe....I love it! And hawks listen intently too? LOL!!!! I knew they watched things intently, but i never knew they were great listeners too....


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