Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ha Noi, Vietnam... Final... we love you!

Ok... the moment has come... the reveal of the big purchase... or should I say the $65 dollar purchase... The oil painting of the Sapa Lady... yes I fell in love with her the first time I sat eyes on her. I got to meet the artist and he was proud of these as well (they were a remake of an original that was way way to expensive)... these were a little more expensive than the others bc of the details and the size but I knew I had to have her. I took this picture on my mobile to send to Blake to see if he liked her too... he was sweet to say yes but I know he really did not care... sweet man. There were two ladies and they looked at each other and I wish I would have purchased both of them now but I only got the one on the right... she looks really good in my house but I get this sense that she misses her sister :-).
On our way out of town... we had to stop at this bridge and get a picture... so thankful we did... every time I see a red bridge I think of Asia... I heart Asia.
Our gang minus one person (Shannon) she was guarding the taxi's so they did not drive off with our stuff... thanks Shannon... and thanks to all of your girls for a great trip and great memories... especially the music trivia at midnight and the constant worry that we were going to get sick.
She's got the whole world in her hands...I teach Sunday School with this lady and she has a couple of my heart strings... love you Traci...

Oh Vietnam... how I have grown to love you... and appreciate who you are and the people who call you home. Hope to see you soon... and keep smiling!
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