Friday, July 15, 2011

More Photos of our week at the Big Apple... in Singapore!

More photos of our week at VBS... (more pics than just Pierce that is... but don't worry grandparents Pierce is in some of these too).

Here are a bunch of kids so excited during one of the music practices... they were surrounding the stage.. if you look in the back ground you can see Pierce... what is he doing?
Look at all those kids...
This is one of our story tellers Betsy... she was acting like the guitar players on the streets in Manhattan.
Some of the kids during snack time... you think they are loving VBS?
This next picture is awesome and one of my favorites... they kids in the nursery (where Pierce has been for 3 years) were having so much fun that I had to run in there and take a picture... here they are throwing beach balls at the hoop which I happen to be standing beside... so cute right?
Here is our mission board... this year we collected funds for Projek AnaKawan in Cambodia... Last year we raised 22K and this year we raised 48K... God is good.

This board helped the kids understand how much we collected each day... and at the bottom you can see the little window stickers... these stickers are from when the kids gave money each day they got to go put a sticker on the building.

Throughout the day I would try to find Pierce... and see what he was up to... this day I got to catch him at snack time... and we both happen to be wearing our crowns...
Not sure what was happening in this next picture but I am sure Pierce was telling someone that they were doing something wrong (imagine that)...

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