Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Fun at VBS... the Big Apple Adventure!

5 days of fun... VBS this year will be remembered in our house for many reasons... but this biggest is that Pierce got to fully participate this year and had a great time. He would walk around the church with his group (the red bus) and I would constantly get reports about how he was doing. Out of 380 children Pierce was the youngest and he got a lot of attention so he was in hog heaven. Since he goes to chapel and is use to the routine of going to various activities at school we thought he was ready... and so glad he got to go... Here are just a couple of pics from his week.

We had photographers running around the church taking pics of all the kids... check this one out they got of Pierce during worship time.
This year Pierce really enjoyed the music part and here he is banging on the piano during music time.
Craft time was another favorite... they had some great crafts for the kids to make but this by far is our favorite and one that is still proudly displayed in his room.
Can you find Waldo... aka Pierce? He is the only one in a green crown.

Here is Pierce with his group... the Red Bus'! The lady on the Left was the lead guide for the group and every time she would see me she would say "we got a little Camille on our hands"... HE HE HE

This was taken on the first day... when they had not received their shirts yet... but thanks to JUJU he sure does look cute for his first day.
One happy boy... I love this picture so much I thought we should see it twice...

Here is Pierce's bible story/activity class room... oh what fun...


Jacquie Von Hohn said...

What a fun time! I want to go to VBS...or a trip to the Big Apple would be fine too! Pierce is getting SO big, I can't believe it!

Denton Family said...

I love that boy!


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