Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ha Noi, Vietnam... Part 3

More pics of our trip to Ha Noi... Traci Morris was acting as our tour guide as she had been here before for a shopping trip so we just followed her around all day... it was so nice.

First up are some random shots of things we saw while walking on the streets.

I will take one of these...
Pho Noodles is the common dish here but you say this world like "FO"... a funny t-shirt.
I hope you like the next picture bc two of these women were not very happy that I took their picture... they stopped to have lunch on the street... next stop back to work.
All of us agreed on one thing for this trip... we were there to get paintings... watch out homes you are about to be saturated with Vietnamese paintings... one bc they look great and second bc they cost $35 each (some more expensive if you were picky)...Here is our gang checking out one of the shops... we went to each shop like 10 times to finally make our decisions... stay tuned to see what I came home with.

When our dogs started barking we called a Trishaw man to give us a ride back to our hotel to call it a night...

Another fun day... more to come...

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