Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frirends Forever...

Just came across the pictures and can not believe I did not blog about this yet... You have seen a lot of pics of the three of us... we almost did everything together... including a great vacay to Japan, lots of lunches at CPK, I have gotten to watch both of these girls grow with a little one and then welcome the baby home, lots of parties, some tears and tons of laughter. A couple of months ago we had to say goodbye to Jessica as she was headed to Holland with her family. We had our "goodbye tea" at TWG (where I had my mine but then I came back so we were hoping Jess would come back too). I miss you friend... I miss so much about you but the biggest thing is your constant smile. Singapore has not been the same since you left. Maybe I am just now getting around to blogging this bc I was in denial but one thing I have learned about living here is friends come and go but the friendship is forever. Love you Jess!

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Jones Family said...

You girls are too cute with your stylin' selves.


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