Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pics of and/or by Pierce!

Pierce loves the camera... not really getting his picture taken but loves to hold the camera and take the photos... my friend Christina gave me the idea to keep the pics and some day make a picture book titled "the world through his eyes"... so here are just a couple of his pictures...
I just love how you can see his toes in this shot.

Took a picture of his Uncle Keith that is next to his bed...

He caught me in my favorite spot... the computer.

Random picture but proof he goes in Tita's room... this is Tita's calculator and red tray.

Here are some drawings that he made for Tita.
Now taking a picture of him self.
Tita got the camera and took the next shots... are you a sleep Pierce?

Some of the family has been asking for some singing and dancing on Skype but Pierce always seems to not be in the mood... but here is a little clip of what we get when skype is not on... he just makes up his own music... so cute.

Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak of our typical day... just hanging out and having fun.


Karen Wingfield said...

Okay, this is proof that our boys would get along great! JC does this all the time! He takes videos, also. I hope to get some on my blog soon. Hope you are having a great week! :)

Denton Family said...

did I hear a pow pow????

Jones Family said...

Too cute! Love the pics. My fav is the one of his feet and a pic of himself. YEAH!


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