Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friends come and Friends Go... we will miss you Peltier's.

Friends come and Friends Go... but spending this special time with someone will always stay. I first meet Viki Peltier when I was interviewing schools back in Houston last July (when we moved back) she was the admin boss and she was prego with twins and moving to Singapore. We were instant friends and the emails started rolling. I got to know her more over email and then we found out that we were moving back to Singapore so we were soon to spend a whole lot more time together. I got to be there when they were un-packing their boxes, and when the twins were born, see the twins turn one and now see them pack up their house again to return back to Houston... so sad but we know we will see them again.

Here is our last outing together (double dates) we went to the top of Marina Bay Sands... we will miss you Peltier's.

Viki always complains how hot it is here and she sweats a lot... so I told her about this Ice Bar in Boat Quay and we had to go check it out... she did not believe me that she would need a coat... but she did.
Brrr... it is cold.

A wonderful night with friends.... a memory forever.
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