Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Fun full of Museums!

This summer has been full of fun for sure... and one of things we have gotten to do is visit every military museum and park in Singapore... and here are some pics from just a few. Also sweet Audrey (a new friend) got the privilege of joining us for some "boy stuff".

First the Air Force Museum... Pierce was in charge of taking most of the pictures... they aren't the best but you get to see the museum through his eyes..

Pierce is mesmerized by pilots and was thrilled to learn that his Grandpa use to work on jets in the military... so he really loves anyone that has anything to do with jets... He was so proud to take this picture with some pilots.

The museum had a cafeteria and we were literally in the middle of no where so we decided we should eat there.. it is open to the public but mostly they just serve the workers and Air Force guys. While we were eating these pilots came to eat and the kids wanted to color them a picture and then give it to them. Here is the picture of them going to their table and giving them their picture.
Everyone was so happy... check out these smiles on the kids and the pilots.
Just a little posing in the elevator on our way down...
As we were leaving there was a group of pilots taking a picture and one of the people running the museum said this is very rare to see... these pilots had just graduated and were celebrating so we had to take some pics.
We also got to visit the transportation museum... highly recommend by a friend and I am glad she did... we could not take pics inside but this classic car was on the outside. The Transportation Museum covered everything from air to land and started with a long time ago in Singapore with the Trishaw's to the subway system now. We sure did learn a lot and now when we ride the subway Pierce says "look mom we are saving the planet"...

More pics to come of more fun we are having this summer...
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Pierce is going to be sooo smart! Cute outfit he has on.


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