Monday, March 31, 2014

November 2014 random fun... photos and videos

There was a lot of activity in November with these two boys... so here are a lot of photos and video's just to give you an idea... 

Asher was moving all around and loving the freedom.
During Korean class one day Hannah my teacher finally caught Asher bowing while saying Gamzahamneda (Thank you in Korean).  Koreans love this it is a huge sign of respect.

Big Brother reading to little brother... they were truly made for each other.

Here are two pics of our COOL Club (CHILDREN OF OUR LORD) at school.  It is an after school program that I and anther lady teach together.  We have two groups and about 30 kids in total... God is good.

My friend Mrs. Karen had a bday and we got to celebrate at bible study... 

Still moving all around... and loving it.

The first pic is Asher at 15 mos sitting in the same chair as the pic next which was taken at a week old.

It was starting to get cold so we wanted to get one last good run at the playground before it got to cold and windy for us...

This GM and GP were so thrilled to see Asher and he was not so sure about them... but I think he secretly liked the attention.

Pierce had some off days at school and he signed up to go with a friend to an art class... He had lots of fun and this was one of his pieces...

The next pic was so random... it was a day at church and all us ladies showed up in grey and black... no joke....

Can they get any cuter??? really....

Asher is a mess... he loves getting things all messy.  And absolutely loves this drawer of goodies...
"Mom when are the tots going to be ready"

Need I say more....

Mom gave me a hair cut... yikes...

All dressed up to go to Costco... He was happy before but at Costco was a different story.

Fall had officially arrived and we were ready... Thanks to Kathy we got to make these amazing cupcakes for school... Yummy

Thanksgiving was near (hence the shirt) but Christmas was right around the corner (hence the hat)... more thanksgiving and Christmas pics to come... don't worry.

And lastly Pierce was asked to model for Hyundai Heavy Industries... and of course we said yes... it was all afternoon/night photo shoot and Pierce did a great job.  The first pics I took of him in action and the next one is of the professional ad in a local magazine here.  Pierce is now posted on posters around town and on the back of the local FLIK magazine since Jan.  He loves being "famous"...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

School fun in Nov 2013

Here are some pics of all the fun Pierce had in school during November.  They were studying buildings and had some school trips, crazy hair day, lots of writing, and trying to build things out of random materials.  Don't you want to go to school here?
Pierce with his friend Alex at crazy hair day... now that is a one mean Mohawk.

And he ended up winning out of his class... he thought he was so cool he had to take his blow up guitar.
They even did a little performance for some Korean schools.

We had so much fun reading Pierce's school work this term... we thought we would share.  Read below what Pierce wrote about his dad... he cook very well but only cooks nachos.  So cute.

There is so much truth to this next picture.

So according to Pierce at the age of 6 he says that he was able to punch as a baby, can now play football (aka soccer) and hopes to be a fire fighter and a safety man when he grows up.

One day the children were handed spaghetti noodles and marshmallows and told to build a building... I got to be in the classroom for this activity... it was so much fun to watch all the children work so hard.


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