Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Halloween in Cebu... the best way to celebrate. Oct 2013

Asher was a pumpkin and Pierce was an "Aggie Colored" Clone... Ashers was chosen by me bc it was what Pierce wore for his first Halloween in Singapore and Pierce picked his outfit based on the fact that he got to carry around a gun.  The mask below was added in Cebu (a gift from Mrs. Heather) bc we had to leave the huge plastic helmet at home (I was not packing that in our suitcase).

The Shangri La really knows how to celebrate Halloween.  There were several kids and some of them locals from the surrounding neighborhoods.  They started the night with a trick or treat where they got really cool stuff like lighted wands and head bands, glow sticks and more.

This is what the big kids did.. stayed back and watched.

When in a resort... you order fancy drinks along the way... 

After the trick or treating... the Halloween ball began which was held in a banquet room with a mini show that included a star war themed sword fight, smoke, music and food.

A fun night and I am sure Pierce will never forget this one.

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