Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Beach at the Shang-ri La in Cebu... Oct 2013

How come no one has ever said while at the beach, "I wish I was in the snow"... but while in the snow I often say "I wish I were at the beach"... well just check out these pics and you will get a little of the answer... bc it is so much fun with friends... We had a blast with these two families and wish we could go back again and again.  

Here are some of the pics from our time while playing in the sand... with friends.

Asher's first real time in the sand and he loved it... and he had friends to play with that love him.

Some of the boys about to conquer to the world under the ocean... Pierce was so excited see his big thumbs up.  This is was his first time to really grasp the idea on how to breath through a snorkel and not your nose... he did great and loved seeing all the fish (there were tons).

Me and this little man stayed to play on the beach.

Here's another comparison (I know the grandparents love these)..
The first picture is of Asher at 14 mos on the beach of Cebu and the next is of Pierce in Thailand at 19 mos.  They have the same body type for sure.

The next group of pics was taken after I started feeling better (remember I was sick for 3 days) and us girls were just having fun on the beach... acting like we were in high school again... so fun.

How much fun can be had on the beach... tons... good friends making good memories.

And the infamous cart wheel done on most beaches I have ever been too with my trusty photographer who can now get a good shot on the first take...which is good bc I am getting older... love you babe.

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