Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crabs and Lobsters... Yummy... Oct 2013

We had some dear friends leave Ulsan so we wanted one more night together... they got to pick the place and one of their favorite places serves HUGE lobsters and HUGE crabs... Blake was out of town so we ate plenty for him (bc he would have loved it... NOT).  Wow... they were big and delicious.  We got to pick them live out of the aquarium, then they steamed them and then put them on a tray and cut them up using scissors. Bon Appetite.

Look at how big their claws where... I had some fun...

After dinner we headed to the indoor golfing facility... theirs a first time for everything.

The next picture is me (the only one who knows a little Hangul) trying to figure out what to do...

Getting pointers from the pro... lets just say I was terrible.

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