Monday, March 10, 2014

More time with friends in Cebu... October 2013

Here are some really fun moments we had with our group... 8 adults and 7 children... priceless moments where friends become family.

There was a kids zone at the hotel that had this huge slide that the kids loved.  It was so steep that the kids had to wear a helmet to go down... the video does not do the slide justice but will give you an idea.

I will never forget the moment that we took the next picture which was our last group picture... This was after two days of feeling like crap (I mean really really bad... the shakes/the fever/the crap... you name it) and it took everything I had to stand there and smile... REALLY.
On the day that I started to feel better we went to the spa and had foot massages (Blake and I had already had body massages before I started feeling really bad) and then we hung out in the adult pool.

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