Sunday, March 9, 2014

Headed to Cebu with some friends... first stop the pool - Oct 2013

We were so excited to join some of our dearest friends this past Oct (2013) on a trip to Cebu, Philippines.  We often comment with these two families how rare it is to find friends where both the wives get along and the husbands... and even the kids... we had a wonderful time and made lots of memories together.  These are friends for a lifetime and look forward to doing more trips together.

Look at these boys... don't they look happy to be together.
Sweet Heather took most of the kids for the 4 hour flight from Ulsan to Cebu.  What did we ever do before ipads???

And sweet Asher was not so sweet on these plane rides back and forth... I did however get a picture of the 10 min nap that he took.

We arrived had a good nights rest and woke the first day to head to the pool... 

We had a great little area that we took over each day and camped out.  Now this is how you should do vacation... with good friends.

On one of the last days Pierce came and handed me this receipt that he signed for... he went and ordered his own ice cream... this is a for sure sign that we need to leave... FAST.

We stayed in the Cebu Shangri La hotel for a week and we had lots of adventures a long the way... I got what we believe was a bacterial infection (eating too much raw sushi) and thought I was dying, we experienced an after shock from the huge earthquake that just happened a week before we got there while trying to go to bed one night and lots of other adventures that were much more fun.

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