Monday, March 3, 2014

Tree House Park and Black Pebble Beach with friends - Oct 2013

We had met some new friends from the states and thought it would be fun to get the boys out one day for some fun in the sun before it got really cold... so off we went to the Tree house park and Black Pebble Beach.  The boys love this park bc there is fun for all ages and they even have sledding and a baby swing (the only one that we have found in Ulsan).  Asher had only been walking for a few weeks now so the sand was really good for him.  They all loved it. 

Here is the sledding... so fun and I would just like to make a note that I don't think you would even find this in America... it just screamed some kid is going to do something silly and get hurt and this thing will be shut down... but we just went with it and let kids be kids... everyone was sensible and they listened to the man that was telling all the kids what to do and what not to do... just like the good ol' days.

After the fun in the sand at the park we went to have fun in the rocks at the beach (for some reason this sentence sounds really odd to me).

this was really one of the last days of fall... winter was right around the corner and beach was cold.  we were not able to stay long but the kids had fun playing in all the smooth black rocks.  These friends are already gone (moved on Africa from Korea) and just blogging about this makes me remember how fast things change around here in the expat life.  You have really got to make the best of each day with whom God has given you for each day... bc tomorrow it might be different... but different is not bad just different.  I have really grown to love and appreciate this life we call expatriating.

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