Monday, February 24, 2014

Random fun in October 2013

Here are some random pics of the amazing time we had in October.

Asher is definitely getting better at the whole walking thing and really enjoys anything that makes noise.  If he knew something was suppose to sing/talk/or make noise he would bring to me and "UH UH UH" until I got it working.
After bible study one day Asher woke up and his friend Esther was still around to have a play... aren't they cute.

One of our friends gave this cool craft to Pierce one day... they just showed up at our door with these things and off Pierce went... really fun activity for all ages but a little messy but fun.
Look at all he made during one of Asher's naps.

Praying for a friend back home... Pray for Sam Dewey bracelets.

One of Pierce's teachers and Blake's hockey buddies got married this month and we were honored to be there.  Another wonderful Westernized Korean Wedding.

Look how handsome our little man was.

The weather was also really great this month and we spent some time outside at some really neat playgrounds.

Just a funny picture.... when you order cinnamon sticks online this is what you get... what am I suppose to do with that????

Pierce was getting his 6 year molars... see that tiny white dot in the back on the left side... As of to date (Feb 2014) they are half way in.
Asher got some cool shirts from the Cloutings... don't you just love this one.

And I got an early Christmas present... Thanks Kathy for my awesome new handmade scarf.

And Pierce finally picked out his Halloween costume for the year... Here is our Clone... Maroon Clone.

A sweet note from Pierce to a friend who was having a birthday party... I love this little man.
And I mean the next picture is just awesome RIGHT!!!!

Another fun wedding but this time was a friend of Blake's from work.. here are some NOBLE Drilling Kids.

During the wedding we had front row seats (bc we were late) and this is what our boys did during the long service... they never made a peep.

October was really fun and we had a great time until we had to say goodbye to these two.  Blake works with Greg and I meet both Greg and Lori on this project here in Korea and I have grown to love these two.  They are so sweet and I miss them everyday.  Part of the expat life that I do not like the most... saying Goodbye.

One night a small group of us went out for a last raendaveou with Lori and Greg eating the biggest Lobster and crab we could find... I think we got some winners and boy were they tasty.

And after we played screen golf... it was a first for us and really hard.  I think I woke up sore the next day from all the missed balls.  A great night with great friends making more memories as expats.

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