Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pics of Pierce at school back in Oct 2013

I love looking back on these pics of Pierce at school in Oct. 2013. He looks so little to me and it really shows how much he has grown in the past few months.  Pierce was really starting to have a good run at school. He was given a star of the week and had some great work to show off.  We are so proud of our little man.  
Here is Pierce's class picture.

At the beginning of the month Pierce got in trouble on the playground for fighting.  He and the smallest boy in the class picture got into a "fist" fight.  By the time I got to school I was given various stories of how it all went down... some teachers saying it was a big deal and others saying it is what boys do.  I did not know what to say especially when the Head Master wanted to talk to me about how he handled it.  He told me that he told Pierce never to do it again and that if he did he would be kicked out of school.  You can imagine my reaction and yes I cried.  I was embarrassed, devastated and sad for Pierce.  All up until the point when I found out that him and the other boy "slapped" at each other at the most.  Pierce can not even throw a ball all that hard much less punch someone.  But nonetheless we had to put  some behaviour measures in order.  Below is a chart that Pierce carried around for three weeks to every teacher/every class to give the teacher the chance to mark his behavior.  The first week was insightful, the second week was better and the third week was much better and that is how Pierce earned his star of the week above.  Which was the start of many more to come.  He really took a turn and realized that he had a lot of people on his side and were trying to help him be the person that God made him to be.

Also this month they had a lot of field trips, one to the theater, one to the park, and one to the museum ... Pierce as you can imagine was so excited.

And we can not forget the infamous Pirates Day (aunt juju was here last year for the big day... we missed her this year).  Pierce had an outfit to wear to school but the morning of he did not want to wear it.  So I have learned to pick my battles so this is why Pierce is not wearing anything pirate.  It was a good lesson for him after school he asked for his pirate costume before the party... he has a good mommy bc I had it in the car.

Here are some pics of the fun after school... the Pirate Party!

Pierce and his good friend Jacob... aren't they cute.

Below is a pic of one of Pierce's journal entries in class.  Look at all those words... wow!


Kendall Kessler said...

Great pictures! They grow up so fast!

Cindy said...

Boys will be boys and they will make mistakes. It's better that they make them when they are younger and the impact is greater. When Elijah was in Kindergarten he was hanging out with some boys who were always in trouble. One trip to the principles office cured him of being near them when they were causing trouble. He learned what it meant to be guilty by association and hasn't made that mistake since. You are doing a great job with your boys, give yourself grace and know that it's all a learning process, for Pierce and for you!

Denton Family said...

You are a good mommy and Pierce doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Grandma would be happy to set anyone straight on that!


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