Sunday, February 16, 2014

Random Sept. 2013 Fun.

In Sept 2013 Pierce had a day where they learned more Korean traditions which is always fun.  Here are some photos of some of the fun.  I forget what this type of wrestling is called but here Pierce's teacher is wrestling with another teacher.

Here the boys are trying it out... Pierce did not win this match up but was a good sport about it.

A friend of ours sent us this picture they found in the Alumni Center at TAMU.  It is a picture of our first Muster in Singapore back in 2009.
In hopes in trying to get fit at home Pierce and I will do these workout videos together... he is such a sweet boy to join me in my new ideas.

Doesn't that just look good... reminds me of my mama's cooking.

We also in Sept went on a bunch of hikes and this one in particular we found a very good camouflaged frog... can you find him?

These are all so random so I will have to talk about this one too.  Pierce brings home "readers" so he can practice reading at home... we were reading this one together and look what I saw... a diagram explaining that the stinger on a bumble bee is on his nose... WHAT?????

Our little mover and shaker.  He is so proud that he can lift up this stool... I even love that he puts it back where it belongs.

And Pierce had a sleep over... boys will be boys... they had to have a bubble bath together.

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