Thursday, February 20, 2014

Asher at 13 mos. (sept 2013)

Asher was 13 months old back in Sept 2013 and oh boy what fun we had.  Asher was really starting to get more steady on his feet but when he felt like he needed to go faster he really mastered the crawling. Asher still had a strong desire for all balls... any ball shaped thing really.  He really loves to play with his brother and brother really loves to play with him.  Pierce would say things like he really plays with me now and I love him so much.  

Things he is doing now at 13 mos:
-  Pushing Objects
- Walking with some assistance
- Throwing arms up when he wants down
- Clapping Yeah
- Waving bye bye
- Started holding toys in hands
- Responding to questions and statements

I am always vacuuming with the hand help vacuum and Asher will come running every time he hears it... He loves to act like he is cleaning (but this soon died out... he now has no interest... I was hoping he liked to clean).

Look at the below resemblance or lack there of...

Asher at 13 mos                                                                                 Pierce at 12 mos

For Christmas Asher got this airplane sit along toy and he loves pushing all the buttons and moving it along.  He still had not mastered how to get on and off so he does get frustrated at times but we are getting there.

This is the month that I really noticed that Asher has to have things in his hands at all times (just like brother).  He usually needs two things but is happy with one.

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