Wednesday, February 5, 2014

4am Aggie vs. Alabama game

Football season is over but I have to write about the TAMU vs. Alabama game... due to our big win last year and all the hype this year we wanted to a have a party at our house with all our Aggie friends (and wanna be's).  The trick was we wanted to watch it live which meant it would be on at 4am Korea time.  So we sent the invite out and all were coming.  Even our good friends the Faske's spent the night the night before so we could leave the kids in bed while we watched kick off and the first couple of innings.  We ended up loosing but it was a great morning of more memories here in Ulsan.
This little one woke up to a bunch of people and was not sure what to think.

Didn't take long for the kids to wake up with all the hooting and hollering.

A fun group of friends for sure.

It just makes me smile when I walk in our laundry room and see all this maroon.

Just a little extra preview of our little man dressed up... still not sure what he wants to be.

Here is a shot of all the boys the night before the big game... Mr. Kevin reading them a bed time story.

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