Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pierce's first "punkin bash"....

Last Friday (the 30th) we had our first "punkin bash" for Pierce at our condo... I am sure this is the first of many... but I do have to say my sweet friend Ashley Edens is the one that brought this on... a couple of weeks ago I received a huge care package with tons of Halloween treats, plates, napkins, decor, crafts, etc... I immediately thought if Ashley had these she would have a party so in her honor... we had a party with our friends here in Singapore...Thank you Edens family.
We had been talking about the party with Pierce for about a week and he could hardly stand it... I had to decorate and cook and get ready for the party when he was asleep.... if he saw anything that had a punkin (I know I am spelling it wrong but this is how Pierce says it) on it... he would go crazy.... so the picture below is minutes before the party started... he was so excited he was rolling around on the ground with joy.

Getting ready for the party I knew there would be alot of sweets so I wanted to make this party not only sugar rush happy but a little crafty... and thanks to Ashley and my mom we got some crafts to do....

Here is the baby table with crayon coloring and books.
Here is the cupcake and cookie station... kids got to decorate their own cookie and cupcake to eat...

The painting station was outside... all the kids got to paint their own punkin...

The foam sticker station was on the coffee table... kids got to make cards to send to friends or make door hanging signs or foam cards.

Goodie bags... and the veggie tray is in the face of a monster... a friendly monster that is.

Here is coloring stations for all... thanks to my mom she sent Pierce these cute little place mats that you can color and there were so many that we got to share them with friends...

Pierce is ready and cute but he is not sure how long this costume is going to stay on... so they better hurry.

Maybe one more pose mom... say cheese.

Friends start to arrive and boy were they all cute...
The kids partaking in the activities... oh what fun.

Some of the moms dressed up... wow they are good moms.
This is Jamie... nice hair sweet friend... only you could look this good in buns.
Can you believe this momma just had a baby 6 weeks ago... her little one is the background propped up on the coach... so cute and one hot mama.
This is Jessica... this is not her baby but the caterpillar belongs to her.
Mommies at work
Towards the end of the party... we found these two on the porch painting each other... poor violet had all in her mouth.

Pierce did not make it in the group picture at the top bc he was in timeout... by the time he got out we had lost some of the kids but this is the best I could get (and some of the kids had already left before we were able to take the photo... next time I will take the photo at the beginning).

When most of the friends had left I found Pierce in the back bedroom watching a movie with sleeping baby Marek.
Here is Pierce putting on a show for his friends... I had a mom come and get me and say "you have got to see this"... so cute..

Wow... what a great Friday.... we just love friends and fellowship... and a good excuse to get all dressed up and eat lots of candy.... until next year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Introducing the new mistress... Jim Day!

If you have been following our blog you know about the last mistress in our life... Danny Atkins... well she is long gone (good riddens) but now there is a very similar (they look just alike) mistress in our life now... and her name is Jim Day.
Here she is:

Her christening ceremony was this week and it was an honor to be invited to the ceremony with my husband... There are many times were I can get jealous of the long hours that he puts in to his work but on that day I got a good taste of what my husband is working so hard for... and I was and am very PROUD of him and the work that he does...

I so wish I got a pic of him infront of the sign but he was off talking (and he is not a big fan of posed pics... well you know I had to get a picture of the girls at least).

For entertainment during the ceremony many local talents came to show their stuff... these were the lion dancers that walk or perform on stilts... they were so awesome....they jump around (2 guys under the lion) on these platforms... a bit scary and very fun to watch.

You wonder how they do it.. well you have got to check out the video... amazing.

There was a small speech due the rain that came in quickly.... I am sure the ones that worked so hard to pull this event off (I know I have been there) were a bit annoyed by the rain but I was very pleased that we were not sitting outside sweating in the sun...
The VIPS from the NOBLE Headquarters and Jurong Ship Yard were there and the man whom they named the rig after is in the middle with brown pants and his wife... Lady Jim Day (standing next to him) was being honored on this day... for the Lady of the family always christens the rig...

More entertainers... this guy changes his face in a split second several times... amazing how they do it... not sure...see the rain in the background.

And these beautiful Indian dancers came and they still performed in the rain.... and still looked so beautiful while doing it...

Afterwards we got a wonderful lunch in doors and viewed the model of the NOBLE JIM DAY.

Babe, I always love getting to see what you do... learning more about what takes you away from us for 12 hours out of the day but that also provides for us every day... I love that you love what you do... and I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments... the people you work with always say "they could not do it without you"... and I know that they mean it... You are my hero...
Love you (even if I have to share you)... Your wife...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Video's...take 2!

Not sure what happened on the last blog.. but I downloaded a video three times... so I have corrected the issue and giving you another chance to view all the videos... the ones that are new are the "trick or treat" and "excited to decorate the pumpkin"...

Please make note that when Pierce say pumpkin he says "punkin"... he has spent more time in Asia then in America and he still has a Texas twang... love it.

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