Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 8 - Saying goodbye to Thailand!

Our last day in Thailand... what a great one but very sad to say goodbye to such a gorgeous place but I was so happy to say goodbye to the mossies (mosquito's)... they liked Pierce and I too much.

This was our view from our breakfast table that morning... not to bed.

After a quick breakfast... Chris and I went shopping... here he is haggling with some locals on the beach.. and I do have to say he became a very good haggler while we were there...

For lunch we had some fruity drinks... Chris tried the famous Singapore Sling for the first time (while in Thailand... go figure).

For lunch I had to have some of this corn on the cob that a local was selling on the beach... I had been eyeing it for days... and boy was it good... I could have 2 more just like it... so yummy...

We soon had to pack up and head out... We had to leave at 2:30 so Pierce did not get a nap this day but all in all he was a great boy...
Here he is saying goodbye to his babysitter... she really liked Pierce and I got him to like her by saying it was Cena's friend (Cena is our helper here in Singapore). Her name was Sunny but Pierce called her "Cena's friend"... they had a good time together.

When we arrived in Thailand it was really late and dark and I did not get a good view of the beautiful airport... so when we got there to depart I was in awe of it... the prettiest airport that I have ever seen and some compare it to the Hawaii airport... it is all open to the outdoors and there are trees and beautiful flowers everywhere.

While we were doing immigration I looked over to find Pierce lying on the floor playing with Chris' iPhone and soon he was just lying there... so tired but being a good boy.

We had to board a tram first to take us to the airplane and here were some of the views along the way.

Me and my buddy... love this little man and he loves trains so we were both very happy...

Our jet to take us home... Bye Bye Thailand.

I was very sad to say goodbye to Thailand bc I am not sure I will ever get the chance to go back.. I feel like we are running out of time here and so many places to see... living in the US it will be so hard to fly half away around the world to see some the prettiest places (but oh so far)... so for now and hopefully not forever... Goodbye beautiful land of Thailand and it's lovely people.


Leone said...

One never knows what the future will bring .... maybe in 10 years (or more) an opportunity will arise and you will be able to go back and enjoy it all over again. :-)

It has been lovely reading of your adventures in Thailand.

Melanie said...

Looks like Pierce was pooped :-) Love all the pictures!


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