Friday, October 2, 2009

So excited... can hardly stand it...

I am so excited... I can hardly stand it... my cousin Chris is coming to see us TOMORROW...(by the time more of you read this he will be here).... I have 9 cousins and Blake has 5 and we wanted all of them to come over and see Singapore and we are so excited to have our first cousin (Uncle Chris) to come. Chris is the one on the top row next to Grandad in the blue shirt.
I can never think of a time that I have gotten to spend 24 hours with Chris much less 11 days... I am so excited to show him around, get to know him better and create memories with him.

Blake will be gone for the whole time he is here so Uncle Chris will be the man of the house... Pierce and I will just love having him around... have you got the picture yet how excited we are... Pierce and I have been talking about him for a week now and Pierce calls him Uncle Chris... so cute but now he has 2 Uncle Chris' and 2 Uncle Keith's... poor boy will be confused when we get back to the states...:-).

You will get to see the whole trip... here in Singapore and then next week in Thailand... so come back.

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Renee Westcott said...

Have a great time with Chris. I know you'll eat yummy food and do lots of fun things!


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