Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 5 - Finally made it to the beach...

Day 5 and we finally made it to the beach... beautiful is all I can say.... calm no waves and crystal clear for as long as you can see... some like the waves but not me... I like it when the ocean looks like it never ends...

We got Pierce dressed and with the overcast that day he did not have to wear a hat... he had so much fun in the water and sand this trip... he even likes salt water... yuckkkk.

Can you say WOW.

Do you think he had fun?

Drinking Salt Water... can't be good for you, right???

Running towards the lady in the bikini....

He found his perfect spot... we had decided to walk along the beach and he found this little area where the water came up and cut a river into the shore... he loved it there...
The hotel had a private beach but just across the 'rope' it was open to other resorts and bars... there was lots to see and lots of people to watch.

As we were walking we saw these guys renting wave runners... I looked at Chris and we both knew what came next... give the guy how ever much he wanted we were getting one of those (or two).

We had 30 min. to show the ocean who was boss.. well Chris did at least... I had the little one with me... Pierce's first wave runner ride (wish Dad could have been there... he would have had more fun with Dad... I was a little nervous at first).

I had to take this picture on our way back... does the ocean ever end???

Check out that beach... this is the Chaweng Beach of Koh Samui... beautiful.

During Pierce's nap Chris and I went for walk (no we did not leave Pierce alone he had a babysitter)... we had to take pics of all the telephone (or whatever they are) wires on this pole (this is for Grandad).

Day 1 complete... so sad... but Day 2 is even better... see you tomorrow..
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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness - it is so beautiful there and I love your photos. What a cool thing to do that with your cousin!

Rachel Kerbel said...

so so beautiful!!!! How awesome to see all the different beaches around the world!

Renee Westcott said...

I think the jet skiing looked so awesome...on a calm cool! Fantastic pics of Pierce playing too.


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